Now It’s Only A Writing Tablet

too many tables
to find words splattered
like pasta sauce on fresh linen

it always looks as though
we had been laughingtalk and eating
our own words
before swallowing self pride
and combating your prejudice
to get to the beef of a situation gone so very bad

so many tables
where lies were tossed, not unlike
salad slung from forks dripping
and now undressed
the cutting of carcasses, to bare bones
and salty flesh
of wounded dreams

exchanging sour grapes
insinuating gripes
i beg you to be excused from me,
while i am trying to compse my meal of thoughts

i am sorry
but this was the last attempt
to shine my plate, my defense

i honour myself
the heroiene
while at the dinner table

that is when I knew our table setting
needed a busboy
and the table needed replacing, since you hacksawed it’s legs

~dld october 11, 2010
T10, prompt = at the dinner table


3 responses to “Now It’s Only A Writing Tablet

  1. What an array of images and word clips in this poem…I rather liked it.

  2. Charles, let me show you what my friend from the Thinking Ten writing group had to say…
    Comment by Stephen S: “This is a very interesting poem, Denise. Its got a real Ginsberg meets Morrison feel to it. Very cool!!! ”
    and my reply back: “You know something, I just re-read it and YES, it does seem to have a beatnick twang about it!
    I take that as the best compliment anyone can pay to me, my writing, as I sacrifice my thoughts to be like theirs!!!
    This is the best way I know how to write… everything else, including the more narrative pieces don’t have the same ease with me, but I’m working on it.”
    When the snapshot images and words intersect… this is how I best write!!! Thank you Charles!

  3. This is an excellent post and may be one that you should followed up to see what the results are

    A friend e-mailed this link the other day and I am eagerly waiting your next put up. Proceed on the super work.

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