My Last World Series

My Last World Series

I can recall those days when my friends and I had nothing to do, which was mostly everyday as long as we were drinking. One particular afternoon stands out as the finest day of my life! It was the final game of the Series between us Bowery Boys and the Yanks. We were the home team, so we gathered all our street buddies to root for us, ah I can remember it as if it was just yesterday…

At first, the gathering was small, maybe four spectators, but when we started raising hell with our voices, more folks came around to see what all the commotions was about. But it wasn’t until the ninth inning, when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE that the boistrous crowd started to heed our signals. The sound rumbled down to merely a whisper, as Augie stepped up to the plate. With two outs, two men on base, ole Augie was the last in the line-up, so it was up to him to either bring ’em both in or the game was over and the Yanks could claim their rings.

The second pitch was high and beyond the grasp of Augie’s imaginary bat. “STEE RIKE!”, yelled the ump with such anger, as though he was speaking to the pitcher, to ‘just get it over with already’. The next pitch took a while for Lefty Gomez to release, as he was sweating and shaking off the pitch to make as called by Dickey. When the pitch was a knuckle-ball, straight up the middle, trust me, it’s not what you’re thinking, Ole Augie choked! His face got smacked, right between Aug’s wide-eyes and he went down, catching dirt’s-dust in his mouth. But he wasn’t deterred, he got back up, looked the ump straight in his puss, chucked his bat to the side and prompty walked to first. This brought Len screeching to home plate, only to be caught by Dickey which eneded the game. The score, New York Yankees 5, Bowery Boys 4.

The 1937 Series was over, but Lefty, being the Portuguese sportsman that he was, came over to us. offered a conciliatory glass of milk, which I gladly drank. Yeah, that day made all the difference to my my life, for I’ve been drinking from a bottle of milk instead of touching the hard stuff since that 1937 October day.

~dld 1o.o9.1o

— — — — — — — –
for Thinking 10 Canvas/Capstone
Prompts:Last in line; Trust me, it’s not what your think;street, remember, small; A glass of milk; A whisper


3 responses to “My Last World Series

  1. What fun reading….thanks!

  2. You’re welcome… I didn’t intend on the timing of this… but the prompts just put that in my head!

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