The Story of Elijah

Gus was starting to feel the strain of telling his daughter a new story every night, but being the dilligent father, he began one night by telling this true account of someone his mother told him of. He began the story about a man who was becoming discouraged about the choices laying before him.

Becoming an irreverent counselor, wasn’t what he had in mind when Elijah began to fill out the forms at the University. The more he sought information about the types of Counselor he wished to become, the more he found that he wasn’t finding exactly what he wanted as his career.

Instead, Elijah walked downtown to see the “Magic-8-Ball”, his term for the local gypsy fortune-teller, Rosie. With his intoxicating eyes, Rosie immediately took him to the back room where she chanted as she sprinkled sage, “to adorn the soul”, she said, and when she was finished parading swirls that her long skirt made, she sat down, plumb right in front of him.

The room was screaming with silence as her eyes rolled and danced feverishly. Elijah remained unmoved, almost entranced as one is scorn by the energies of womanhood unleashed. Suddenly… SOUND; a haunting drone whispered in jarbled phrases and whines. Elijah did not know if they came from Rosie or from himself… this made him a little uneasy, almost unnerved.

At this point during her reading, she slammed closed the book’s pages and Elijah’s heart jumped up to his throat. “I am done”, Rosie eeked from her now, laboured body. No sooner did Elijah belt out, “Done?” and began shaking his head, half in disbelief and half in full and complete understanding.

“You see, Sally”, stated Gus, ” the way this story ends, has nothing to do with Elijah, or finding his calling to counsel. No, it’s not that simple to explain.

Years later, Elijah recalled that day in vivid clarity, and as he tried to explain to his daughter about the events of that day when he was shown who he really is, “and who you are meant to be” it struck Liya. She is next from a long line of truth seekers destined to donne the righteous robe and sit in that back room downtown at 48 Main Steet

Gus, then told Sally to finish her glass of milk, as it way way past her bedtime.

~dld october 7th, 2010


T10 – a glass of milk
for october 7th


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