Resignation of a Commoner

scrounging through the thoroughfare of names that line my streets
i see that i’ve a heavy load
and if it’s slippery, then it must be wet
and i will have tumble-junk strewn
then no one can find the correct address
or know where to find you, since
that incident left you without your Caped-Crusader jammies.

what’s a girl to do, if not for her super powers
to gather ‘like’ things and string them together on a thread
to hang on clothesline’s bare all for the neighbors to see?

there’s no return
there is no refund either
for your times have come, you’ve been superceded
by a more capable entry, one that knows what they do
is just what i am looking for.

it has all come down to
P’s and Q’s or is it, T’s that need crossing
to dot my eyes with
the pretense
of making me a better person, a more prolific writer?

well, one thing is certain,
I will not fall for that BIG TALK – nope,
I’ve seen how little people become smaller,
just by being counted as a follower
of the line that is moving faster.

~dld october 6th, 2010


2 responses to “Resignation of a Commoner

  1. The line “that incident left you without your Caped-Crusader jammies.” made laugh aloud and is keeping a smile on my face as I think of all the people I’ve known that it applies to.

  2. Charles, this was purely an off the top poem?
    I had fun writing it and am still laughing at it’s silliness which happens to be something all too serious that many people get caught up in! Thanks for Smiling! Denise

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