AP Teletype, September 15, 2010 

When looked at under the microscope, the DNA appears to be moving and interactive. When radiant, full-spectrum light is added to the smearplate, the molecules morph into something so fantastic, there isn’t a word for it yet, it is simply known as LSD2010. 

Researchers at the University of Toledo Eldercare Unit, Medical Division began testing a hypothesis, after many of the caregivers made comments about witnessing, what they term, “Sudden Onset Eurphoria” by patients in the L Wing, 2nd floor. They summize that it has little to do with environmental conditions, because every person is different from the next. Not only between ethnicities, but across all levels of education, work history and amount of sedentary time. 

They began clinical studies on the same group of 58 seniors, aged 70 and higher and followed them for ten years. Pragmatic interviews, Puzzle Games, Logic Tests and other means to measure intelligence were used. Not only through observation, but more scientifically by the use of Brain Scans and Body Imaging techniques. 

Two weeks ago, Dr. Harvey Millstone uncovered a white substance, found in the confines of spinal fluid, to be of great importance. What follows is the exact text he wrote and subsequently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

Subects, aged 70+, were broken into two groups; those who stayed in their room and those who walked the corridors. Of the 29 subjects who tended to daily walks and socializing with the staff at the University Hospital, ALL of them made mention to those staff members, that they knew their age, but felt much younger, were hungrier at meal times and were generally optimistic and pleasant to be around. Whereas, the reamining 29 subjects were remarkably, unremarkable – showing little desire, motivation or will. 

And that white substance in the spinal fluid? GLUE! Unadulterated Elmer’s, to be specific. Studies now need to be expedited to see HOW the glue entered the glands of the endocrine system, and find out WHY it effected only those people in particular? 

Spectacular interest from the medical community, as well as the societal remifications, is Enormous. The Vatican has even sent up a special envoy to oversee this research. Could it be that as we age, through everything we have been taught, during a lifetime of circumstances,the Fountain of Youth is found? Or is this, yet, another attempt to find the magical elixer, to put a stop to being a statistic stamped <span>FADE</span>D and become forgotten. 

This writer belives that the wrong approach was made from the start. They (LSD2010’s researchers) hypothisize that the answer to this question of mortality, could be found through Intelligence and not the more obvious nurturing of the human body with good, well-balanced meals and a moderation of drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco. 

We will see, once all further testing has been gathered, processed and deemed complete by the Pope, who has higher powers to report to. 

dld 09.15.10


T10 – Words, Inc., Wednesday:(1) white, (2) fade, and (3) lock


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