Matt Window – Doomsayer

Matt Window – Doomsayer 

“Formidable skies, threatening storms and thunderous rumblings of earth – the world is, quite simply, insane!”, spouted from the mouth of Matt Window, PhD/Applied Sciences, AAWO, NOAH, et. al.   A rather awkward statement from tonight’s Feature Speaker during the Convention of Silly Peoples first night.   I was expecting somewhat of a comedian to do ten minutes of a stand-up routine to kick things off, but instead, Dr. Window brought down the house in tears and fears. 

I wasn’t aware that Earth‘s  ‘Expiration Date‘ was approaching.  I don’t think that any of us were, but there we sat with our eyes wide and glaring.  I don’t remember too much else that he said, I was concerned with my own inevitable demise, and from the deer-eyed look in the other’s faces, so were they. 

Yes, I am a person who is ‘up’ on all the happenings around this globe.  The wars fought over earth’s oil resources, the famines due to the lack of rainfall to grow crops, the devestation of rainforests and dwindling population of the Common Barn Owl, but to make this statement of an insane world?   Could there be some other ‘thing’ that has caused this mental breakdown?  Am I one of the stricken participants?  

And here, I thought I’d spend this weekend talking about the silliness and practical jokes played on one another.  How farcical, slapstick and vaudvillian humour makes the world tick.  Maybe it does, but now I know that there’s something bigger, stronger and more powerful to bring our elliptical spin to a halt.  I thought I was in someone’s sick nightmare of, “Stop The World, I Want To Get Off”, or that someone from the balcony was going to yell out, “April Fool’s“, but sadly, this is all too real.

Sadly, we are the group that’s supposed to skirt everyday issues with humour.  Sadly, no one was laughing.

 dld, september 14, 2010


T10 Take it Away, Tuesday – The only rule: start your story with the following sentence:
The world is, quite simply, insane.


4 responses to “Matt Window – Doomsayer

  1. Oh…my that would be a bit of a ‘bummer’ if you had planned on a few chuckles and ended up finding Chucky.

  2. with his creepy smile and echoes of his laugh,
    oh, his laugh! >yA HAs ha !<

    Sleep well tonight Charles! ~D

  3. The world’s expiration date? I hope it hasn’t quite been announced yet, that there is still hope. You could have gone in several directions with that opening (which I would have interpreted as a fun kind of crazy), but liked the tension you created between the expected laughs and a more somber reality. Symbolic?

  4. Hadn’t intended to make some kind of ‘social’ statement, but it seems that I have, so to answer your question… hell yeah, it’s symbolic! Glad to have made you think!

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