Pat Sajak Gets Feedback

Everything was a blur. The television repairman did not see it that way, he spoke of interruption of the signal because something either chewed the wire, or it got disturbed by moving it around so often. Sure, it was on one of those TV Carts with wheels, so Grandma could move it around the house and not miss one nanosecond of her “stories”, but she didn’t want to believe that she was the one who caused the problem. So, she further instructed the man to turn the knobs, play with the antennae, which she nicknamed, Uncle Martin, and she also told him about the signal that keeps disrupting Wheel of Fortune and she can’t hear what Pat, is saying.

 After more than a half hour of turning knobs and tweeking controls, and telling Uncle Martin to just ‘Cut it out!’, he wrote on the service order slip and cordially handed it to Grammy. He packed his case with loose tools and wires, then locked it and spun the combination wheel, my guess is so the last number wouldn’t be revealed, then he stood up, grabbed his official Repairman’s Overcoat and told Grammy that if she has another problem, to call the main office and request Buzz to come out. Buzz, what an interesting name. Anyway, Buzz left as Grammy went into the kitchen to make a cup of oolong with lemon.

As the water was awaiting the bird-whistle to tell Grammy it was hot enought, she walked into the living room and turned the set on. “Wouldn’t you know!”, she exclaimed. The water was ready. As she nearly tripped over her own slipper while going back to make the tea, she heard something that she never heard before. “Oh no, don’t tell me”, was all she could say as she darted back to the living room. And sure enough, the blur was back.

 Only this time, it was silent. No sound. A bit perturbed that Buzz didn’t fix it, she leaned over the end table to reach the telephone, when a voice began to speak. Grammy wasn’t spooked, no, her lips twitched to form her familiar smile. She then sat down, tea cup in hand and started to watch the television.

 You see, as it turns out, Buzz the television repairman looks forward to getting calls like the one my Grand-mother placed. Why, you ask?Buzz is a lonely man, whose hobby is television repair and when he sees someone, like my Grammy, who watches television from sunrise to sunset, he fanagles the knobs and plays with the wires until he gets it Just So.

 Now, when Grammy wakes up each day, she turns on the TV and talks with Buzz, unless of course he has to briefly leave to fix someone else’s set.


 -dld august 31, 2010

for T10 – Everything was a blur.


3 responses to “Pat Sajak Gets Feedback

  1. What a fascinating story poem…and very cute too…enjoyed reading it.

    • Charles, since you aren’t from the U.S., I’m unsure if you get “Wheel of Fortune” on you tele, but it’s a long-running game show and my guess is that the older folk here in the states watch it the most. It was an interesting prompt and it could have gone anywhere — I took it here. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Cool story. Love the little details, like Granny almost tripping over her slipper! I wonder if there’s a part 2 coming out soon?

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