I Wanted To Tell You

At the laundrymat

there are vending machines

so you may buy detergent for those tough stains or a milder brew for those delicates that need a softer touch to pounding out the day’s events.

There are also choices for softening and refreshing.

And if you wish not to know what it was that left a stain

there is bleach

which comes powedered or liquid

either one works to erase all memories of what you did or had done to you by someone you care not to remember

because they violated your honour

your purpose

your being.

Any item you choose from the machine on the wall

will make a remarkable difference in the cloth that you clothe yourself in

so that I may find you

because I do wish to find you

and tell you that last night

you were a gentleman with gentle ways

speaking ever-so gently to me

as you bent down to touch my face

and wipe the blood from my battered skin

to let me know that someone cared enough to tend to a battered woman

left for dead in a crowd of ordinary folks, passing by.

 Thank you. 

-dld august 30, 2010


T10 writing prompt = In A Crowd


4 responses to “I Wanted To Tell You

  1. A very complex layered poem…those who batter, those who ignore, and those who take the time to care….very powerful poem.

  2. Thanks Charles… I’ve actually had a few comments already, at the group where this was challenged at. I think it’s too fresh for me to criticize it, but you got it spot on! Thank you, my friend! ~Denise

  3. this is awesome man

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