Don’t Wait For A Brass Ring

The damage was done.

That is how it ended.

All for naught, I’m afraid – and still am, as I cower behind today’s copy of Stars & Stripes.

New to these types of things, I read the headline and found that I really am all alone.

I wasn’t sure how the paper even got printed, and with such accurate details and accounts of the events.

But there it was, in bold, upper-case, Helvetica, 72pt; covering the first fifth of the page…

So I looked. As I focused attentions to the scenery, the brilliance of the light made my eyes tear.

Two suns, two waning moons, and the sky, a colour that can’t be explained or described except for

the aura-glow that cast shadows shading beauty on everything.

I’ve no one to share this with!

Not a soul to touch, to dance exhuberantly with.

The voice that came to my sleep last night, told me that I would be at peace,

so then, why do I feel empty and ashamed?

I wasn’t supposed to be this way, drained, weak and spirit-spent.

And I wasn’t supposed to have lived a full, accomplished life,

having never found love.
I guess we do go out the way we came in… damned LIFE…dangling sparkley-things and dropping crumbs along the road.

Always to reach for,

Never to attain.

dld o8.24.1o
for T10, The damage was done, prompt.


5 responses to “Don’t Wait For A Brass Ring

  1. Ooh…I do love the surrealistic air to this poem…it holds from beginning to end …well crafted.

  2. thanks Charles… I seem to do that often (hold captive the reader with misfit ways and endings) >hehe< ~Denise

  3. yeah, I agree with Charles…a beautiful blend of real and surreal…the margins begins to fade. lovely… “always to reach for/ Never to attain”

  4. As a reader you always seem to forget, in between the lines, what real is.
    And yes, “Always to reach for – Never to attain” when perhaps, we do attain unknowingly everyday?
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Perhaps you are right, and sometimes we learn this from a friend who points it out to you! Thanks for the comment, Denise

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