Playing the lines as they make concourse across the page, and finding that the flats are not flat enough, and seeing that the sharps differ much from the other notes on the page, only makes me want to reach the highest, most piercing note in achordance with the suite set before me.  The orchestration needs fine tuning, the attempts so far have been dizzying, if nothing but, deafening by default! 

 Dear Sirs, please remove my name from the chamber’s list of players.  Dear Madams, please be advised that the conductor has let me down by choosing favourites and banishing those who play off key, to a life of sitting in the wings waiting hidden, for the reprise.  Please disconnect my name from your register.  Please remove my chair and let me be the mortal which I am by nature, to skate those thin lines on my own in dissonance and for the plight of the Bumblebee.  

 dld o8/23/1o 

for T10


3 responses to “Rimsky-Korsakov

  1. Applause. As I read this, I listened to the music.
    Thank you.
    Would you like to exchange links, you can see which ones I already have on my site and let me know what you think.

  2. Thanks Malene for hearing the Buzzzz!
    I would love to exchange links (if I only knew how? ;-((
    But I’m sure I will figure all of that out! Thanks for the LIKE, Denise

  3. Hi Denise,
    for adding a link, go to dashboard, then links and add new link:)
    Hope this helps.
    Enjoy the day.

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