The Faces

The faces have stopped
on the walls in corners on curtains
when i’m not looking and alone

THE FACES were still
without dimension
their indescretion for little expression
left me
wondering why i would
see them at all

THOSE FACES stopped years ago
…..but not in my sleep

lately, THE FACES are kinetic
with fluid eyes allowing me to see their wanderlust
and to feel their pain

alone within my sleep
FACES become lascivious sirens

which i hear
when i awaken

______________________________________________dld 09.27.07

writer’s note post-script :___________________________________
THE FACES from years ago, never spoke to me…
their presence was an uneasiness at first, which i got used to.
they happened and appeared to me for years!

THOSE FACES which i see now, still do not speak to me…
not in our language. they are more like hauntings of the soul… which allow me think.

i can’t explain what their presence means.
i don’t see them all the time, but i know they are there.
they put comfort in a strange place.


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