funny how the mind tickles those emotional places

funny how the mind tickles those emotional places
that you, through time and neglect, forgot you had

you wonder why time de-sensitized you
to feel the tickle that touched the spot that neglect should never have taken hold of

you find yourself lethargic and unwilling
but do not realize that it was time that strayed your course
……you are left bewildered
……and alone

and when it seems, out of nowhere, when you’ve come to loathe
neglect from within
someone has dropped their seed crystal
in front of your face
you have no choice but to read the words, the lines and

you laugh under your breath
and feel emotions surge through every erogenous zone you forgot you have
you find yourself excited and motivated and
looking forward
to tomorrow to see your new friend

the one who has tickled your spirit touched your soul
the one who writes, like you

for tRm_______________________________________©dld 2.20.07


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