My First Day Off

Woke-up early, it’s Saturday and there is so much to do. Her first day off in over a week. As she sat down to read the paper and eat breakfast, the storm rolled in.

It suddenly became grey inside, the power went out and a chill came over her. She sat for a while wondering what she’ll get done now that there was no electricity. As she sipped her coffee, she slowly became involved in playing on the playground – putting sand in the pail,
adding water and carefully turning the sandpail upside-down. She’s alone, it’s a sunny day, all the reasons to be singing nonsensicle songs and making castles.

Within her silence and playfulness, the realization came to her that this was not happening, but it was the sound of footsteps that stirred her up and out of her seat to the kitchen window. It was pouring and darker than before. Who’d be outside, walking that slowly in such a downpour?, she thought to herself. She started to worry and became restless, unnerved. She paced from window to window, seeing not a soul.

It was another rainy day and she was again very much alone.

dld 2006


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