mirrored in
feeding off
and seeding upon
a teaming of interests
learning new things
exhuberances for embeded affairs
long standing passions
with collections and music
art and the poem… the poet

as a wheel works to wield other parts,
movement’s momentum creates motion
commotion yields to screams
reminiscent of orgasms elations
when collaborations
become One
with each other’s Yin-Yang

dld o3.13.o8, rev. o8.12.1o


2 responses to “magnetic/bipolar

  1. A interesting portrait…love the effective use of phrasing to construct the poem.

    • Thank you for your commentary of magnetic/bipolar!
      Writing this was more of an effort with form to fit the sentiment and I’m finding trouble posting things the way I’d like to.
      Fortuneatly, it’s only a matter of either (1) – learning HTML that words here, or (2) face the fact that IT IS WHAT IT IS!

      One thing that I make it a point to show, is How each piece was constructed, I’m a fan of Abstract or Concrete Poetry, but alas… my conundrum! ~Denise

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