to sleep / to dream

to sleep

it is dark my eyes need to refocus readjust
reexamine the landscapehorizonsky my inner eye
to get accustomed
to the subtle changes in shading fleeting blends to notice that
it is not black at all

surroundsing my being enveloping my thoughts
emptiness absorbing
all that is truly there all that
i cannot sense… yet…
i continue to sink gravity not a pull where i fight
suspension of reality allows subtle changes
in depth melding deepness
and pain dissipating hurt
it is not barren at all

i am in an event that has no opening page for introductions
as if i was lowered into a stage
left to forge my way to find my way to find away
no time for thinking or planning or
in an instant, probably quicker
than blinking, i’m not sure i have no stop watch to make
notations of START and END,
background becomes clearer one tree behind another
perceptions of landscape confront all of my senses
it is not shallow at all

in an instant, probably a blink under my already closed eyelids
blackness of distance and nearness are dawned
not by the rising sun – it is dark
the rays of light reach the absesses the corners the nooks
the rays are displays of enlightenment
subtle change’s induction
textures blending layers of colour depth ud
richness of edges and blankets of soft l o
like a c
lulling me to descend sink gravity further
it is not muted at all

i stay entombed beyond the surface
within my discord
the absense of sense and unqualified to paint the void in my skull
sterile drippings the anesthesia that brought me here
so relaxed now punctual to reformat the scenery, i move into it
becoming a part of it the spectacle of silence, now gone
i move, not by choice by necessity i climb
stairs turn corners down long corridors
descend sharp pitched ramps and end-up where
i began climbing steps by necessity
it is not flat at all

occurs for days for weeks for nil
and i always awaken
roll off the bed stumble in darkness w/
street lights illuminating
my way to the bathroom

i fall awake
in the end
that’s the way it ends
the dream is to begin

i stop writing
__________________________________________© dld 08.15.06


to dream

there is an echoing in these chambers
dissonant chords revealed
in silent scenes
greys lend acordance to the shadows
grey abides through the turbulence silhouettes pose
as it plays-out diffused, unsure and surreal

vibrations discharging rap-taps bound to the room in my bed
rhapsody’s redundance relates its rhythm
rolling and crashing of cymbals
as symbolic storms thrash, distort
ejaculat stained sheets bear the beating
tempestuous concussions
ricochet the room within my head

the refrain of chanting uninterrupted
a soothing repreival reawakens the rems
syncopated synthesis a synaesthesia
my ambrosia
my amnesia

like the ticker on cnnwordsscrollingtooquickly
to know i am dreaming and can change it

a symphonic resurrection
the syncopate strings beat meter
hollow o boe beckoning
its tone unassumingly drone
ethereal room within my eyes

there is an echoing in these chambers
percussion’s invasive synaptic dance in my ears
a recurring reverb the rejoicing choreography of ecstacy
grey sheds its overture in technicolour dimension
a fusion design unveils
the echo of colour and texture and wisdom
now pocket their labours
lucently rich with flavor
the passage resounds to recoil within
my silence
_____________________________________________© dld 08.24.06


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