i have these fish

March 3rd

Our Angels, Comet and Ajax, layed eggs and fertilized them
a little more than a week ago

The embryos looked like Caviar on the leaf of the plant
they were planted upon

Attentive when one fell, it would get sucked up and placed back in the pile

Three days ago a swarm of tadpole sperm was swimming,
they didn’t look like Angelfish yet

What good parents they are,
corralling them keeping them in sight at all times

When one misbehaves, defying that invisible child’s Gate, i would
get sucked up and spit back out
within the confines of the other parent’s watchful eyes

Two days ago the swarm looked thinner

Yesterday morning, while making coffee, i noticed but only a dozen or two

By late afternoon, a handful could been seen swimming
their spermlike dances

8 o’clock last night, i could only see two, three or four still swimming, still swarming around that leaf on the plant

Today i awoke and saw that Comet & Ajax weren’t talking to one another,

avoiding contact
– one on the right side of the tank – the other all the way left –

Who’s left?
i looked, but could not find a heartbeat

Where’d they go?
wondering if that filter sucked them wondering if Mom or Dad ate them…. hmmmmm

It’s so quiet in there ~ Ajax looks stunned, Comet looks sad

Like deer in the headlights….

They mourning their loss

But like clockwork, Round Four will begin in two weeks or so, Comet and Ajax, will lay eggs and fertilized them on the leaf of that plant ,,,,

Oh, i hope that when the sunlight hits the tank just right this afternoon, one tadpole sperm will emerge… just as strong in conviction as Mom & Dad and maybe, just maybe

I’ll get to watch his Wings emerge..


march 4th

so i have these fish
all attention’s gone to the angels
still no signs of wee-life-forms’ tadpole sperm dancing
have i looked this up on the net yet?…(no)… i’d rather form my opinions
having convinced myself now,
that they are indeed beneath the gravel,

i imagine tadpole-sperm caves

to incubate.


march 8th

seems the only incubating going on
was within Comet
she laid eggs today, not even two weeks after laying her third coddle
am tired

watching she and Ajax
every time
i did not see them do their spawning dance
still don’t know the music they heard either
i did not see the fertilization
i could do without peeping-tom peering

am tired
however, this is family
and i will grow into my role as cheerleader
but not tonight


may 22nd

i’m sorry
i forgot to mention
Comet Killed Rainbow A Few Days Ago
made him LEAP high enough & fassst enough
to land, an easy five feet away, on the living room
carpet without one drop of water, to follow the path
to his death

Comet is psychotic
eyes twitching side-to-side-to-sideways

i questioned her
to her face, with no threatening
quick movements to scare her, to put her in the
throes of attack
she listened
and i asked, WHAT ARE YOU SEEING?

i looked for answers in the water
with vague results, phantom dreams
then went into the kitchen to see the tank from
another view

sunlit background
illuminated the water and i saw them!

short, white strands at first
then black dots at one end
to seeing a tadpole sperm angel swimming so freely

let’s not forget…
Comet is Psychotic…

she’ll manage to kill her children,
Evil Cannibal Comet

but Selfish Comet will not commit suicide

leaving Ajax the satisfactory treat


~Ye of Little Faith~


june 9th

i think AJAX is a typical teen!
he sways the dance, while enticing his betrothed
and once in a while, he holds off and actually makes babies!

COMET is like the deranged
soon-to-be Old Maid
who jumped her on her chance when AJAX became a resident………..
she wants it all the time… and not SEX, she wants babies!

we will wait for the inevitable round-to-come that actually shows signs of tadpole sperm DOTS in the eggs,
because, i do believe, that COMET will get the chance
to show us that she is a good mother!

~ but there are always rainbows to wish upon ~
-dld 2007


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