he left a note

he left a note

he left a note

it seems less about the bed
and more about the head
when it renders to Sleep.

so beautifully written
so deeply felt
so luscious with cinematic framing
and poetry

dld april a5, ’09


2 responses to “he left a note

  1. lov it and u asa poet

    • stop kissing up to me… it’s only me…
      have you read my last post, the most recent, it should be at the top of the Home page…
      as I was writing it, I felt a rebelliousness and I think Ginsburg pushed on my arm!!! I’d love for you to read some of my older things, but the way I posted them in here is so haphazzardly. I do have a couple of ‘short stories’ and my page scribbles are always thought invoking, at least I think they are!
      hey, you know what may be cool? if I pointed to this website so, people could FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL?
      especially if I have an image?!

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