Exercise One

Exercise One

– list the sounds only heard outside of the door –

waves of cars, tides of transmissions
oceans of oscillating engines
clapping upon the pavement
sidewalk jeddies break the movement of

spruces sway
brushing the wind away
and occasionally capturing essence of

the chimes on the porch
sound like loose change tossing from a
gamblers hand

a bit cliché – how to remedy?


dld 2006


3 responses to “Exercise One

  1. beautiful imagery! loved it…

  2. Tina, as you’ll see/learn… it’s not that I’m making a statement, necessarily, but I’m denying all others! This is, as you are well aware, something to get me to write, so I wrote… and it IS! Thanks for your posting on my poems, I see that you’re into the same type of writing… that you write yourself!!! Glad to have met you… were is a link to subscribe to your page — I looked but did not find it for wordpress?! I enjoy your poems as well and will follow you, even if I have to type your url myself! ~Denise

  3. This is one of your poems that i love the best (though picking up the best of the amazing is a tough job). I read it again…and couldn’t resist saying this 🙂
    yeah, about the link to subscription to the blog…it’s at the bottom left, dead end of the page. I wonder i got to put it s’place more accessible. I have people asking abt it most of the times 🙂

    Thanks. blogrolling your blog. Take care.

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