D. M. Z.

this is for all of us women who understand all too well
… and for the men who still won’t!

D. M. Z_________________________________________

i no longer NOTICE
that line between demilitarized zones
when the mood change swings bite your head leave me alone i want
ben & jerry……
ANYTHING with chocolate
when the cramps and the lower backache
started one week prior to
and lasted until one week later,
the super-cramps would last the first two to three days;
doubled-over, heating pad-pain in my tire in training
pain in my head

cigarettes, my vice
my lover my illness my desire my death

i no longer NOTICE

that line has widened

i’m like THAT
all the time.

in a warm womb papal robe
hanging one arm at my side along my leg
head leaning down becoming arm
i can blink i can breathe
i cry
for this conflict to end
_______________________________________© dld august 29, 2006


2 responses to “D. M. Z.

  1. i like the urgency of tone in your poems…it takes your poetry to a new level…reading it is an experience not felt often. Thanks fo rputting up this blog and sharing your poetry challenge write-ups. It’s nice reading you. take care.

  2. Again, Tina, you blush me.
    ~the humbled one, D

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