to Jen

demands to be photographer
changed your focus ~ i know
playing tourist to penetrate the outer-skins
.- to push away debris
… – to explore its depths
….- to find zen in that moment of discovery
coupled with your thirst
for truths in the shadows at lights expense

did you find lost dialects
,,when you drank the wine?
phrasing inflections’ distinct bouquet?

did you let it penetrate your palette taste the bitter with the sweet
….as it slowly slid your throat?

this merlot journey, now documented through clicks
your merlot journey
presented as scenes behind your eyes
..within your searching soul

autumns abundance declares

we, with you
to dance the moonshadow’s fall embracing

_______________________________________________© dld 9.29.06


One response to “to Jen

  1. Thank you for pointing me here…so beautiful. You are ever the poet…xo

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