How To Hate Dr. Lo

1. tilt head back
2. look at the popcorn ceiling, both eyes opened.
3. lean left hand across knook of nose.
4. left index reaching just beneath lower right lid, pulling it lightly, enough to widen target.
5. right hand aims.
6. left index halts bottle’s neck from piercing right eye.
7. hands auto-unamimously-nomic move four inches left.
8. left index, beneath lower left lid, one tug, enough to widen the target.
9. right hand aims the bottle’s neck watch it! the drips are fast!
10. repeat.
11. both eyes.
12. three different meds.
13. four times daily.

you really do need both eyes to see only one.
that’s why, i miss the target twelve times.

______________________ ________________________________________________dld 05.12.07


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