slightly before April 17, 1952

i read this excerpt from Allen Ginsburg Journals Early Fifties Early Sixties, © 1977.

New York City April 17, 1952

Still at furnished room, once more in halls of Solitude. I enter this notebook ~
…..Broke my key last night so went around looking for place to stay, wound up at Bill Keck’s.
…..Big warm loft on 2nd Street – – Bolt in door, shouted up, came down to let me in – – “I’m glad to see you in your home.” he smiled & grimaced & said, “What am I supposed to say, I’m glad to receive you?” saying it.
…..Looked at his clavichord under construction, discussed Dolmetsch1 & Reich, and also “square hipsters”.” Dolmetsch: a magic name under those conditions – the primitive harkening & evoking fellow magicians.
1 Arnold Dolmetsch built clavichords & harpsichords; he was credited by Ezra Pound for resurrecting harpsichord and clavichord music.

what i wrote…
slightly before April 17, 1952………………………………………

Been at this god-forsaken boarding house for too many days in a row.
Need to buy smokes and cold-cuts.
Need to leave my “Clean, Furnished Room” said the sign.

Down these dim lit Cloistered Passages.
and Down one flight is enough to make me want to turn around.
Go, be social, watch people, make notes.

Intentions to buy a few items take me from one enclosed hole to it’s Father along the fringes of Hell’s Kitchen.
….Note: never wear trousers and a blouse with
….no undershirt. Chest Hair can become
….Medusa’s charm. I only wish to lure the
….jumbled words to line them up and spit them
….like a game of How Far Can I shoot my wad?
Someone screamed from somewhere across the street, “Don’t let them see the whites of your eyes!” Mine opened wider.

When I needed to blink, blink was standing in front of me and took me to drink.
….Note: make a note of what to buy and carry
….it with you when you go out.

Start of new round of days in a row.
Began as a two-day sleep stooper in my “Clean Furnished” cocoon.
___________________________________© dld 08.20.06


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