I Learned I Don’t Like Wine

The lodge held a special acquaintance to me,

for it held all my secrets of what life can be.


I’d go there when things began to turn all around, ,

and the fright that I felt made my skin shudder at merely a sound.


The lodge held comfort to those who stopped by,

it was fruitful by teaching to those seeking their ‘pie in the sky’.


One evening while lounging all nestled by the fire,

I got up to look at a book and an old bottle of wine.


Both seemed to call out, and caution of desire,

whether to give in or go home, my mind was on fire!


In a moment of clarity, I chose to behold,

the gifts they bestowed me, those I could hold.

My wishes to find a good reason to live,

for purpose and sanity, I chose to forgive.


Everything else was second to that,

my life’s been as slave to others’ tit for tat.


My time had come, a request in that old wine bottle,

to ask James to get busy, to find his Bartel.


Then I’ll look for solace in pain…

I repeat my thoughts twice and sing this refrain:

‘Tis better to lodge at a place that’s within,

and force your deep soul to a bottle of gin.

dld June 17, 2010.


for 6S – The Plot Thickens, Thursday:
An old bottle of wine


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