Dear Diary [written in 1719 a.d.]

Dear Diary
[written in 1519 a.d.]

Sept. 2nd Leonardo drew a man with wings today.

Sept. 14th Leonardo drew seventy-seven consecutive pictures of nudes, they were all men.

Sept. 27th Leonardo drew angels flying around the bosom of the Blessed Mother!

Oct. 13th Yesterday, Leonardo stole a steam roller from Giuseppe’s construction yard.

Oct. 14th Today, Leonardo stood on the corner of Venice Lane and Spaghetti Alley. All day.
He says, “to target women”. I don’t know what has gotten into my Leonardo. He is acting strange,
lika poor Uncle Louie did before slicing his private organ and discovering sausage.

Oct. 15th Leonardo locked himself in his room.

Oct. 16th Leonardo’s still in his room. I ama so worried!

Oct. 17th I heard engines roaring and ooooh, the moaning…anda the ceiling, ita shook alot.

Oct. 18th Leonardo finally came out of hisa room and into the kitchen this morning, mumbling something about a woman.
Heavens, I ama so happy he has a girlfriend!

Oct. 19th Leonardo sure can draw, but I can barely make-out his supermarket list.

Dec. 21st Leonardo died today. I will go through his paintings. I will donate them to the museum.
Now… letsa see – oh, this isa very nice.
A homely looking lady, though.
Whatsa this say… gninaoM Lisa. eh?
Something Lisa.
Eh – can’t figure it out.
I’ll call her Mona Lisa.
_________________________________© dld jan. 6, 1987


A Little FYI:
Leonardo daVinci born April 15, 1452, died May 2, 1519. Mona Lisa was painted in 1503.

Leonardo daVinci was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, scientist & inventor SUPREME. To date, Leonardo daVinci has no equal.


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