Hello Fellow Sojourner!

You’ve arrived at dldSelfNarration

where words intersect images.

I am dld, Denise, and I hope you take a moment to comment on my writing and/or the graphic connections you see before you.
I would, especially, like ‘critiques’ as if you were my English professor… or worse, my Mother!

I’ll be happy to have conversation, as much as one can have in this venue…
but most of all – Enjoy the Journey!

peace, Denise (dld)


2 responses to “Hello Fellow Sojourner!

  1. It’s 3:39 and I’m finding that setting this up will take more time,
    so I will take a short break and return to set this up the way I envision it to be!

  2. It’s now 9:58 and I’ve decided that I need to relearn HTML again!
    So, it may take a bit, but I’ll try to do my best to show you what I see in my mind!
    Until the next time… Denise

    PS- if you’ve a suggestion, by all means leave a comment to me here!
    My gratitude will be ever present!

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